Welcome To The ODLC

The Ottawa & District Labour Council (ODLC) has been the voice of working people in the Ottawa area since 1872. The ODLC currently represents 90 union locals with a combined membership of over 50,000 working men and women and is the largest democratic and popular organization in the Ottawa area.

Ottawa Labour

Following the February 19th, 2014 Annual General meeting the Ottawa and District Labour Council is pleased to introduce its 2014 - 2016 Executive Board.

Table Officers

President: Sean McKenny (HSTU Local 261)

Vice President: Marlene Rivier (OPSEU 479)

Treasurer: Dan Maxwell (OSSTF District 25)

Recording Secretary: David Meinzinger (USW 8327)

Correspondence Secretary: Chris Wojcik (OPSEU 415)

Executive Members at Large

Will Kelly (CUPE 503)

Christine Kelsey (OPSEU 416)

Philip Lillies (PSAC 70155)

Chris Goodsir (OSSTF District 25)

Kimberly Benoit (CUASA)

Jeff Adams (OSSTF District 25)

Renford Thomas (ATU 279)


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